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Exterior window shutters offer an authentic appearance with traditional designs that can enhance the exterior of your home. Exterior shutters are made from a variety of materials such as vinyl, wood, composite wood, and fiberglass. Installing exterior shutters on your home adds both value and curb appeal.

Open Louvered shutters will give any home a dash of country style, making it easy and inexpensive to duplicate the rustic, effortless look from your ‘Dream French Home’. Raised Panel shutters are the perfect addition to any traditional colonial home. They’ve got a quaint and sophisticated feel, but won’t strain your budget. Combination shutters combine details from two different shutter styles, helping out with a design challenge that often arises when renovating today’s eclectic homes. Board & Batten exterior shutters give your home a down-to-earth feel with a rustic appeal and homey charm that exude comforting vibes. Bahama option is built around designs used for sun shading and storm protection in the Caribbean islands. Its Caribbean flair and durable design will not only bring charm and class to your home’s exterior, but it will also protect your home’s interior.

Exterior shutters of all shapes, sizes, and materials define and brighten windows, while complimenting your overall exterior. Check out the images below to see examples of simple window shutters that add a ton of curb appeal and character to the home:

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