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BEFORE & AFTER: Not Your Typical Flip

Typically most "flip" projects start with a home that has virtually no updates, however, there are those rare cases where the home is actually updated. These homes just have the wrong updates. Take for example this home in Newport Beach, the home had an updated kitchen with granite counter tops and new cabinets, but they weren't the right finishes for a home in this area.

Starting with the front view of the home, the house had a fine street presence before, but it was still lacking something. By changing the color scheme and refreshing the brick on the driveway, the home was given a fresh clean look and it made all the difference.

The entry way of this home was a major focal point, and needed to really capture your attention. With the custom iron doors, and iron accent window above, your eyes were now drawn to the height of this dramatic entry way.

The kitchen, while nice, wasn't what it needed to be. With the dark cabinets, dark granite, dated lighting, and closed off feel , the kitchen wasn't providing that gourmet kitchen vibe most buyers are expecting in this price range.

With a quick glance of the family room, most would think it didn't need any updating, however with simply changing the fireplace, brightening up the trim, and installing recessed lighting, the family room was almost unrecognizable.

Lastly, the backyard on this home was quite small, and wasn't being used to its full potential. By turning the backyard into an outdoor living space, the yard now felt like it had a purpose.

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