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Trending: Greys, Blues & Earthtones

We have moved on from the world of a bland swiss coffee color scheme and into the exciting world of earthtones. In years prior, we were afraid to put too much color on the wall or in the desing in fear of scaring off our potentail buyers. Our prior projects had little color on the walls, backspash, or cabinets, and more so leaned towards white neutrals for the paint, a conservative backspash, and dark cabinets. Buyers loved this look then, and it worked for us.

In today's market, people want a mix of rustic and modern, and earthtone neautrals are the perfect fit for both of those designs. There used to be this fear that grey tones were "dark" and "untraditional." That's simply not the case, if done right, that is.

With the right grey tones, they can be subtle and offer great balance to almost any accent color, giving the buyer the ability to incorporate their own style.

Below are some of our favorite projects, that display these tones beautifully.

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