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Looking to freshen up your bathroom on a budget? One way to do this is to reglaze the tile that currently exists in the bathroom. Over time, bathroom tiles can really show their age, resulting in an appearance that's something less than desired. Replacing this tile in or around a bathtub or a bathroom sink can be a major undertaking. Ripping apart tiles can also damage the surrounding walls and even the tub if not done properly. A viable and cost-effective alternative is reglazing or refinishing the existing tiles. Once the tiles are cleaned and repaired (if needed) the area is ready for reglazing. Reglazing basically restores luster to the tiles and breathes new life into their appearance and function. Some common tile areas in the bathroom that can be reglazed include showers, floors, walls, and countertops.

Whether you are a new or existing homeowner, or property investor looking for a cost effective way to update your home, reglazing the bathroom is an excellent alternative.

Check out these before and after pictures to show the dramatic difference of reglazing your bathroom tile:

Ready to start reglazing? Check out this video for even more tips:

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