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PWNE Capital is a subsidiary of Pacific West Real Estate Services. Pacific West is a multi-faceted real estate organization involved in the purchase of real estate based assets with a focus on the purchase of Scratch & Dent, sub-performing and non-performing loans. Portfolios may include second liens, Real Estate Owned (REO) and on a limited basis, non-residential assets. PWNE Capital provides competitive pricing combined with high service levels for its customers.




PWNE Capital purchases loans and properties from various institutions, brokers and trustees on a bulk or individual basis by competitive bid or through a pre-negotiated arrangement. PWNE Capital has an experienced due diligence staff with underwriting, valuation and closing expertise. Portfolios are reviewed for issues including, but not limited to: credit, documentation, litigation, default and servicing related concerns; applying rigorous energy, experience and resourcefulness to every project we accept, our staff is dedicated to your success.





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